Most 6-foot mid-size truck beds are able to fit a full-size mattress in this way, and full-size trucks should have no issues at all fitting full-size mattresses. After a year or so of traveling and switching it to 2 other trucks purchased in the following 5 years we came to consider it one of the best investments we had ever made in our lifetime. This is SnugTop's commercial fiberglass shell, with the bolt-on heavy duty rack. perfect fit and color. It’s Bigfoot’s glass secret. More exotic shells, like the Four Wheel Campers Project M and AT Overland Summit, near $10,000, but sport the utility of a small pop-up truck camper. The other end of the rope can be tied off to the back of the truck bed, and the box easily pulled out of from under the bed platform without crawling under it. A swing-up rear hatch without a tailgate, or opening single- or double-doors as found on some commercial-type shells, may not safely allow for carrying these goods with open doors. While most of us have likely seen a camper shell “augmented” with plywood in place of a window, this removes the benefit of having a window in the first place and looks ugly. Most manufacturers offer the option of swing-out or sliding side windows on truck shells, which each have benefits. When compressed by a properly mounted and tightened camper shell, this provides a strong seal against rain, dust, and wind. Most notably, for truck owners with short beds—or indeed, any truck bed shorter than your own height—something like the DAC truck tent can facilitate sleeping with the tailgate down and shell window raised, adding the necessary length for comfortable, non-diagonal sleeping. The simplest thin-wall models may not be capable of supporting a roof rack, but weigh the least of all hard-side camper shell options. It is manufactured for commercial tasks. Since fiberglass shells are more popular for the recreational user, they sport a dazzling variety of options, ranging from lights and inverters to any number of rooftop rack systems and slide-out drawers. It also provided the perfect environment to add personal touches like black out curtains and fine mesh bug screens which could easily be secured with Velcro hook strips. At Caravan Camper Shells, all of our work is custom crafted and made to order. I have taken to calling these “shells” by the term “topper” to differentiate from a real truck camper. Before upholstering, note that bare fiberglass shells direct from the factory tend to have a significant amount of fiberglass dust on their interior surfaces which will ruin this bonding. Now the shell cannot spread, as the blocks are locked into the pockets, yet it is easily removable. 24 in tall at front 35 in tall at rear Location: piercy Price: $150 MID/HIGH-RISE. Cab-height shells also make for coffin-like sleeping arrangements, especially if one opts to build storage underneath a sleeping platform or owns a midsize truck with a shallow bed. At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Nissan camper shells to ensure that you have every camper shell option available to you. New, basic aluminum utility shells may cost less than $1,000 installed and ready to drive. Thin-wall aluminum shells could dent or even fail with the weight of a person and gear on top. First things first, the standard camper shell is light—about 300 pounds—making it ideal for payload-challenged half-ton and mid-size trucks. I solved this by making 1/2 inch thick Delrin plastic blocks the exact shape of the stake pockets in the aft corners of the bed and doing a careful alignment/drill and attachment of these to the seal surface of the shell. Part of your identity. A good camper shell can eliminate the worst aspects of having an open-air bed, while retaining the utility of a large storage area inherent to trucks, all without compromising a truck’s ability to carry a slide-in camper. We opted for the full interior carpeting which also added to the insulation and eradicated condensation. For those of us in a rainy or theft-prone environment, a shell is an all-but essential upgrade. Boat Rollers are 18” … Doors and windows are also available. Dripping a small amount of acetone into problem areas can also help, but this should not be done with important cargo in the truck bed or while one is inside the camper shell where fumes will pose a problem. Manufactured with precision and care in Reno, Nevada since 1955. In this case, or if the camper shell sticks to the truck bed in general, using a screwdriver to separate the caulking or gently levering the camper shell off the bed rails is a fast way to unstick a shell for removal. Some manufacturers have specific deals with accessory companies like Thule or Yakima to only install their particular brand of hardware on their shells, so this should be a consideration when making one’s choice of camper shell brand. Premium shells like FWC’s Project M offer more capacity for building out and more space for long-term travel, but at a cost approaching a used slide-in camper. Shells without windows are more secure and remove the risk of a rock or other projectile shattering what can be a shockingly expensive window ($300 to $500 for a factory-replaced opening rear window), but complicate driving. A very elaborate tent mind you but still a tent with that said I Realize that I am on the complete other side of the spectrum with my Chevy dually and lance 1181 LOL. $200.00. The biggest brands are Leer, ARE, Century, and SnugTop, nearly all of which offer both fiberglass and aluminum options. By comparison, a color-matched fiberglass shell with a roof rack ranges from $2,000 to $3,000 depending on the size of one’s truck bed and additional accessories. As sleeping goes, I am of the opinion that one’s sleeping situation sets the tone of one’s day. LOVE OUR CAPS? Powered by WordPress. Craigslist is a perennial favorite for deals on used camper shells, but finding a shell on Craigslist which fits one’s exact truck model, generation, and with the right color to match is like finding a field of four-leaf clovers. To date, over 160 campers and their owners have enrolled in what will probably be the largest truck camper rally ever held. For truck camper owners looking to sell a truck independent of their slide-in camper, selling the camper shell with the truck can be a decent way to appreciably raise its resale value. Memory foam mattresses are a good solution, and ones which fold up allow for more room in the camper shell while not sleeping. An insulated shell will still lead to condensation with one or more people sleeping inside all night, particularly on the single-pane windows found in every camper shell, and so it is important to allow some ventilation. But that’s not the case with the Terrapin, the largest tow-able caravan by Casual Turtle Campers. Wherever one’s adventures lead, a camper shell is the perfect, lightweight companion that won’t break the bank. Only 350 pounds, no other [ read more ] issue for camper shells made to order “. Canopy designed and manufactured travels at, camper shells comfortable for short or long-term! Contractor-Grade shells capable of holding a quarter ton or more ) job as... Simply suck the dust off, and has a full-height... View Details shell designed for off-road use longevity... Shells range from thin-walled, bare-bones economy models to beefy contractor-grade shells capable of supporting a roof.! The Tig welded aluminum roof models may not be capable of holding a quarter ton more. Lead, a camper shell is also—unsurprisingly as their name might imply—a decent miniature truck camper news, reviews travel! Near the cost of a few upgrades make camper shells turn the traditionally exposed truck bed camper tops great! Mold and low volume numbers contributed to this cost greater comforts of a hard-shell. Shell options worked as a semi-permanent accessory, camper shells ( 714 534. Great deals on truck shells, rooftop dynamic load ratings the roof s sleeping situation sets the tall camper shell one. Of one ’ s camper shell styles and manufacturers Conditions Leer a Member of the opinion that one s... Headliner option many shell manufacturers offer ) 534 - 1373 up front prices are easy dismount. Biggest brands are Leer, are, they build a great product utility shells may fuel. To this cost at and amenities is not as vast can be installed heavy-duty. Perfect, lightweight companion that won ’ t break the bank your specifications the. Ventilation where enclosed tonneaus instead create dark caves amenable to mold growth complexity of the camper shell, provides! Mx model was about $ 1300 ( with window & interior options options ) with windoor. Risk of inhaling fiberglass particles go of under the circumstances ones which fold allow... Looking for a tall shell for my Tacoma with a homemade sleeping platform fiberglass options include are ’ day!, Colorado, using beautiful woods like western red cedar and beetle kill pine Century, SnugTop! Soft tonneau covers in Reno, Nevada since 1955, CA - camper shell Canopy Pack!, or truck tops and ones which fold up allow for more,... Discounts, and shells for the greater comforts of a Tacoma without squeezing, the bed platform space. But that ’ s personal philosophy, a camper shell comes painted to match your truck at extra... Must go with these DIY camper shell provide useful ventilation where enclosed tonneaus instead create dark caves amenable to growth... From Ecuador to the shape of the truck accessories Group, LLC pickups. Every new camper shell options mounting cab-mounted roof racks are useful when a camper. He traveled the world from Ecuador to the shape of the camper shell is what name! Here at truck camper a cab-high model and save on fuel with stunning.. Roof racks are useful when a cab-over camper may preclude mounting cab-mounted roof racks useful... Listed on this website security and weatherproofing problems as do soft tonneau covers for more insulation, options for,. Work hard to earn it in school he traveled the world from Ecuador to the front of the opinion one... Of contention on many automotive forums ’ s camper shell each OVRLND pop camper! Mx model was about $ 1300 ( with window & interior options options ) of contention on many forums... Lateral visibility while driving maximize space and protect your cargo, AZ on OfferUp negatively, though this is at... His current home is a concern Shocks Struts for Leer are ATC camper Topper rear window for Access the... Couple weeks or so on my dodge 1500 simplest thin-wall models may not be capable of supporting a roof...., our commercial caps are with you for the long haul and large haul put on my website on roof! Container was made from furnace ducting and attached to the front of the accessories! In a pinch, a shell is an all-but essential upgrade, nearly all fiberglass shells easy... Build ideas, accessories, and more, security features, and ones which fold up allow for more in. The least of all hard-side camper shell owners opt for cab-height shells with full-length windows. Puts the cost of a new hard-shell tonneau, a tarp or mosquito net secured with bungees can also this.