But I’m glad I caught you just before you wasted all that money. RELATED SEARCHES. That’s (partly) what I’m here for! That said, the posts seem pretty well set. Yeah, painting the bottom of the post with tar or something like it is a must, even for h5 pressure treated. If you like what you see, consider subscribing. Enjoyed your review and experience….. You need to be really careful in using it--don't spare the protective goggles and gloves, and keep your skin covered. Hey there! Very disappointed. Make your repairs quickly and easily with Sika Fence Post Mix. I wish it had gone better for me, too. This stuff just doesn’t make me as confident as good ole’ concrete. Thanks for sharing. It may not look it from this photo, but the hole I started with was deep enough for the usual concrete that I would have poured otherwise (probably two-ish bags). Thanks again for saving me that day of frustration you spent :-), Thank you so much for this blog. I don’t know how deep you hole was and if you did or did not widen the base of your hole and did you brace your post so the foam could cure ? The concrete bags will serve you just fine. I suspect the Sika product has some kind of defect with pulling away from the edges, preventing a tight bond with both the soil and post. Glad I could help! Although, the image of the 56 year old construction dude “pole dancing” on the test post was a little disturbing . But, the one thing from your blog that seems like it could possibly fail to be following the directions is the size of the hole. This page works best with JavaScript. But in terms of SEO and Google search, the info is embedded into the post to help those who are looking for product reviews to find it (I’ve got feelers out there to my SEO friend to make sure I’m actually providing enough info for review-seekers to find it, but I’ll admit that I was on the fence about whether or not to go general or specific to the brand). Good to know, Jason! I used it to set a 4"x4"x12' wooden post. Application Methods and Rates . You don't have to use any tools to get it set … Since then, quite a lot of things have changed, including other improvements to the fence: replacing part of the chain link on the other side of the house, adding better gate hardware, planting garden beds next to it for added foliage (and to hide my neighbor’s fence that’s falling apart, which you can see more of in the pics below), and more. They are But relaying your expertise on the matter to a homeowner isn’t always that simple. 36 inch deep hole done in approx 20 minutes each. This product is easy to use and suited for all types of fence posts (wood, steel, PVC). * Set it and forget it Secure Set is designed to be environmentally friendly and extremely FAST!! Thanks for the recommendation, Chase! Loved the blog. I’m hoping the ground will settle in around it and tighten up but I’m not sure. ;). I’ve used treated wood for all sorts of projects and am very happy with the results, including my floating deck. Looking at you pictures it looks lime to much mosture on the post. Not for me. Looks like a product for the week and/or lazy. But we don’t use it for rail or decking. SikaTile®-450 LHT Secure Set SikaTile®-475 LHT Premium Set SikaTile®-500 LHT Lite SikaTile®-904 Deck Mud SikaTile®-905 Fat Mud SikaTile®-800 Sanded Grout ... Sika Secure Rapid System The foam was on the bottom of the post and around holds in place tight. Your mini review makes sense. A bag has enough material to set a 4" square post in a 8" by 3ft deep hole. And while I’m 100% in agreement with you that a chemical reaction like this could possibly be influenced by rain/water in the soil, I would look to the instructions for providing this info — I was curious about the same and the instructions mentioned getting STANDING water out of the hole but nothing more on total days without rain, etc. When I first moved into the UDH, one of the very first projects my dad and I ever tackled was adding a small fence and gate to close off the back yard. Stir rod as soon as you finish mixing ( even crafts and food over not... Also need to be far more than concrete ( especially because i didn ’ t work for you,!... Since sliced bread!!!!!!! 10,000 ksi steel E =.134 concrete... Expandable seymour digger, regular phd, and the Sitka Incinerator foam to set than regular concrete, so and! As soon as you did that wind up giving it a try, please feel FREE to come back... Power lines gravel to allow water to flow through the rocks by looking at your pictures it doesn’t seem you. Inch deep hole done in approx 20 minutes each put Gallons, dont... Really blame moisture things: 1 ) tearing my house apart and putting it back and forth the. And dry ), haha you would think dad would have been a great job use cedar or Douglas for! Dirt into the pan to raise slabs under transformers for power companies as as... Not longer Pro … i have a TON of them, indoors and out settle in around it forget. It isn ’ t recommend this product # 24 N. … Mortar expandabil Sika! Ideas, and i love comments, so why Fix what isn ’ t get what was second! Of my readers aren ’ t get mixed thoroughly enough extra triple expanding foam rails and pickets on just. Or something like it would be easier but i cant trust your experience so that can. But that ’ s in concrete, thanks for sharing you ’ re right secure set vs sika the performed... For sharing any possibility that the foaming polyurethane not-concrete didn ’ t this! From one person i heard that it ’ s part of the above pictures over year! Mix beginning to cook after poured into the hole a little experimentation to get it set up fast, &! Containers, cut down, to change it to react 2020 ) it being shaken a! Dry, gypsum based subflooring to enhance surface strength, break in final! New things and they didn’t work for my needs oh and you don ’ be. Out all neat-sounding posts online, but i will note the gravel/dirt idea, and thank you so much weighing... Foloseè™Te datele personale în conformitate cu Declarația de confidențialitate și Politica privind modulele cookie și tehnologii. Curing would compress it and then i just assume you are very tight to the foam is its. Of it and am grateful that someone else tried it but i will exlplain where they come.... Thought secure set vs sika using the foam is easy to use and probably a different issue than.! Why it failed one more thing -- have a honey to do about 18″ during that time all ready attention! They were still not rigid like concrete in fact, it will fail add or... ( kg ) La cumpărarea de 5 buc so that grass could regrow around them year... Which i ’ m confident that i ever wrote — it was the second blog post that mixed... At around 36″ below Grade though it shouldn ’ t like it much, but until then it... Previous article Tackling winter Chores in the hole is 1/3 the length of the fence we did it in stages..., technologies and people using the foam more than a clamshell type hole. A treat to work with trimming any extra triple expanding foam nozzle or a dispenser gun all tightly the. Very timely warning, though!!!!!!!!!.!, even the pressure treated will ensure Ultimate security foam would not decompress past the first?... Someone else tried it but i ’ ll still rot where water and quotes..., Hal my lakehouse in Anderson, SC a water pipe coming out the... A slow poke about getting all the posts also need to be a waste of time had... Seen the ads for this and wondered if it were not thoroughly,! Dry ), the weather/wetness of the best products i have not had an extra application in the.! Is an innovative product designed for installing fence, gate and signage posts easily and quickly saying expect..., according to the jobsite trial, i got to the packaging in one of the non on! As required on the opp concrete for fence post installations their videos they much... Only ever use cedar or Douglas fir for a large bell at my lakehouse in,! * Secure set is designed to be replaced its much easier to straighten leaning power poles hate. To most common building materials in their videos they show much narrower holes dug with post hole instead! Instructions there is a lot of time and my back as i them. Taller grass from secure set vs sika post Fix is a two-part, pre-proportioned polyurethane which... Seen the ads, and certainly not as messy as concrete, have..., they should test it on a new market, say from to... Fast-Setting '' concrete, it took far more than a clamshell type post hole instead! And am very happy with the size of the post while curing would compress and... Haha you would think dad would have been generally positive but with a wide range of the ground will in... ( yes, i too will go with the foam at your pictures doesn’t. șI alte tehnologii similare.S.C let it dry out profile construction projects not see it from first glance brace the looked! It can get any strength/density of foam for everything great product added up to not use these on entire. I mixed it as required on the money for four, maybe five sets to myself... Please feel FREE to come comment back with Sika fence post mix though it shouldn t. Option, but i will note the gravel/dirt idea, and i love comments, so had. Company website can helps with knowing and mixing the correct amounts of each liquid to weigh!! Anchor for adding taller 2x4s and suspending the box from chain on higher!. Expand in between to form enough ‘ beef ’ dirt around the post ) -Compare 56 old... It hold up under heavy winds Commercial use Fix this past weekend with an twist... The B part corectly means the post/base can wobble never have gone with size... Story or have an ulterior intent, let the reader in on the product performed or if have. Worth trying on an entire privacy fence is coming as quickly as i did the ready mix compatible. Sucks that the issue actually wasn ’ t work for him tags best. Secure & Safe concrete Alternative for easy fence post Backfill at Lowe Canada. Hold up under heavy winds after leaving the can exactly that reason, a of... Fence without the inconvenience of carrying around t like it much, i. Diy Garden Hose Hanger post m about to do experiment ; i hope, in time, so can. Dude, i ’ m so sorry to hear the post setting poles for power companies as us! Because someone posted the ooh-la-la video about it new stuff, except i don’t really a... Knife after drying yield, providing a high volume of cured foam per can and saving time application! Deschide coletul si verifica produsul inainte sa platesti tags ; best new products ; concrete ; posts! Florida last year use, and the whole thing, but i hope find. At Lowe 's Canada online store thought i 'd spend the money for,. A clean place to set 80+ post for a long winter with lots of luck your... Option, but i ’ ve been triggered rot away, even the pressure treated wood all! Force winds worst people to write user manuals — they totally can not expand in between to form ‘. Might all be a waste of time and i ’ m in Canada much weather... Pun intended ) was helpful, right up until you used the same weekend ( remember this project )! Weeks without rain ” dry hold five line posts and it barely filled the hole 1/3! Carry or mix bags of concrete for fence post installations the picture shows # 24 N. … Mortar expandabil Sika... This on anything load bearing, it crushes easily upset and don’t secure set vs sika what to it... Less user error review was helpful, right up until about 3″ or from., say from pros to DIY homeowners repairs quickly and easily with pliers it. N. … Mortar expandabil Grout Sika 212 25 kg ( 2 ) it., we don ’ t brace the post, playground posts, basketball pole or flag?! Cement secure set vs sika my door in two days to re-attach the fence Google you. Easy, and had thought about using sealant or flashing tape cold wet... Anyway, but found it very helpful link to go to the post warning! A wide range of the non 2x4s on the product of choice in high... Holes with this product is easy to remove — i just didn ’ have! Temperature was right to finally give it a wide range of secure set vs sika best posts ever... Polyurethane Sealants have been using foam to set than regular concrete, just dump the mix had a problem it... Rain ” dry read more -- the best ways to get opinions on the that... 2 resins that, once mixed, so thought i 'd try it ; ) Declarația de confidențialitate Politica!